Accommodation & Specifications

The interior is designed to accommodate two adults and small child with comfort.

Consists of a double bed, couch or bunk bed whichever suits you best.
Storage for additional Blankets and Linen as well as a special space for clothes and shoes.

Storage for groceries, cooking utensils, pots and pans.
150 litre water tank, gas water heater, fold up wash basin and wet area for showering. Supplied with a chemical porta potty, that is stored externally when out of use.

Electrical supply via solar panel for a 12v or 220v. LED internal and external lighting and power sockets. Natural ventilation via window opening.
Service hatches (accessed from inside or out) supply cutlery and crockery.
External locker for braai and camping goodies as well as the storage for the gas supply to geyser.


Exterior & Structure

Manufactured from fiberglass, “ripstop” fabric sides, and timber internally with stainless steel working parts and galvanized mild steel structures.

The design and build is streamlined to prevent as little windage as possible and promote fuel consumption. Once the roof is set up and in place using pop up hydraulic stays, a 360 degree view of your surroundings becomes a reality with spacious headroom when occupied.

Solar panels are built in flush on the roof as well as a recessed pocket for an extra loose gas bottle.

Space for an additional spare wheel is allowed for. A built on overhead awning provides shelter from sun and rain to your outdoor living and dining experience.

The whole camper unit is easily loaded on and off the vehicle by standing on four removable legs so it is a normal dwelling if staying on one site. This also means easy storage when out of use.